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    L1 S1 - M2E : Méthodologie de l’Expérience Etudiante

    Code Apogée : DL21ET01

    Enseignant-e-s : Juliette Bourdin, Anne-Claire Faucquez, Audrey Fogels, Tim Mc Inerney, Benoît Leclercq, Elsa Sacksick 


    This course aims to introduce first-year students to the academic world. It is taught as a 3-day intensive course the week before the start of the academic year. One group will be taught from week 4 to week 9 during the semester for students who have enrolled later. Students will visit the campus and the library ; they will reflect on what it means to be a student ; they will be presented with the organization of the university, the use of Moodle, how to write emails to their professors, how to take notes, how to manage their time, how to avoid plagiarism as well as the specificities of the English license. 



    L2S3 - M3P : "Se présenter en anglais"


    In this course, students learn how to write and speak professionally in English. Skills covered include how to write a resume and cover letter, how to write a business email, and correct forms of salutation and complimentary closes. Students also gain experience in oral presentation and interview skills. The goal is to help the student gain confidence in using English for professional purposes, whether it is to gain employment in an English speaking country, give a presentation in class, pursue an internship abroad or simply write an email of inquiry.


    Cet enseignement est destiné à l’apprentissage de l’écriture et du discours professionnel en anglais. La rédaction d’un CV avec sa lettre d’accompagnement, celle d’un courriel ayant trait à une affaire précise, les formules de salutation et de conclusion convenables font l’objet d’une attention particulière. Les étudiants acquièrent également une expérience en matière de présentation orale et d’entrevue. L’objectif du cours est d’aider l’étudiant à acquérir une confiance réelle dans son usage de l’anglais.



    L3S5 - M3P : "Public Speaking"

    Enseignant : C. Joseph


    This class is an introduction to the skills and techniques necessary to speak in front of an audience. Attention will be given to the following aspects : voice (pitch, intonation, stress, rhythm, pauses) ; body language ; interaction with the audience ; debating ; taking notes ; structuring ideas ; convincing your audience and performing your speech, etc. 

    The class will vary activities (role plays, individual speeches, improvisations, debates roundtables,…) to help students prepare for success in typical public speaking situations. 


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